Monday, January 29, 2007

A World of Wonder

if you havent figured out by now... i am a comics Junkie, to be more exact... I love Wonder Woman every since i was five... she was the first comic i ever bought... and she has been my hero number one... there was no pretending to be Superman.. i never let it stop me that i was a little boy and wanted to be Wonder Woman... LOL... i think the root of the problem was my mother... i was imitating Wonder Woman because i thought Lynda Carter was the most beautiful woman on the earth and to see her in her satin tights and at the ripe young age of five i was Smitten and definately in Love... but when my mom seen this... she thought WW was not a good role model and wouldnt let me watch her... so after that... I WANTED TO BE WONDER WOMAN!!! FU MOM... good thing to mess up an innocent childs head with your illusions of whats right and wrong for a child... And now... i can't get enough WW... check out WW above with the other heros... whats going on, and HoLY Jeepers Batman, why's Donna have on her old Wonder Girl suit? is this beginning of DC Comics WWIII? check it out... and if you happen to see Allen Heinberg... tell him to hurry the shit up already... im jonsing for a new issue of WW here... its been pushed back how many times now Mr. Heinberg? Like the new Wonder Woman action figure, designed by Infinite Crisis artist... Phil Jimenez... also coming out in the set will be a Donna Troy as Wonder Girl and Donna Troy as Troia! heard a new WONDEROUS line would be coming out from DC Direct... but do not know the specifics... ill keep an ear out if you buy me some earrings... wink wink

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