Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Come on Eileen, part of your Daily Drama's

Well Eileen Davidson was let go from young and restless... was searching thru youtube and found a montage set to the song Come On Eileen, that was made to try to lure Eileen to come back to Days Of Our Lives... so this Daily Drama clip will give you a bit to laugh about and put a smile in your day... isnt that what its all about?

and since that wasnt really a drama let me trudge thru the youtube vaults again and find one more treasure to share before the clock strikes midnite... all of this for you... mwah

a little Days 2000 storyline recap... complete with Princess Gina!!! Wonder what i could find if i put that in the search menu what would come up...?brb

a princess gina promo... as well as two princess gina scenes... where has youtube been all my life?

and this

hope you enjoyed todays segment of Daily Dramas

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