Friday, December 11, 2009

Even Longer... last post 2008... LOL

my new promos for ANOTHER WORLD TODAY! Yes its back, will tell you more about it later... or just post the videos explaining...


Friday, August 08, 2008

ok yeah so its been a long time...

but i wanted to take the time and show what I've been up to... so below you can see most of 8 boxes that I have painted so far... will be working on more definately, and my next plan will be to see about selling them on EBAY... wish me luck! just wanted to pop in and send my love... and let you know i haven't fallen off of the end of the world or anything...

As you know I have given birth to a baby gurl on April 20, 2008. Although the videos claimed that she was sent off to a boarding school, (and thats only because its what I wanted released to the Media) but actually I kept my baby, and when I returned from the states to my home in the island country of Tanquir, the baby was kidnapped, i believe by the group that is trying to overthrow the government of Tanquir, and put an end to my reign as their Queen... but I have a few aces up my sleeve, so don't you loose any kind of sleep worrin about lil ol me!!! As for Hanna Monroe, i hear that she is doing well, as my informants are keeping me posted on my baby... but really... its kind of like a blessing as it is free day care right? at least someone else is changing the shitty diapers right? We'll get her back... I have my Secret Council looking into the best way stratigically to get her back... So she can spend a little time with Mummy before going away to the boarding schools...

Well gotta run, as the Secret Council keeps calling... when are they going to learn, if i don't answer the first time, im sure as hell not going to answer on the 18th time either... LOL you would think i would be smart enough to just turn off the phone...


Connie's Christmas Balls... so far 2008

Box 1

box 2

Box 3

Box 4

Box 5

Box 6

Box 7 Lil Connie as Wonder Woman!!!

Box 8 Lil Connie does the Justice League!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Offspring pt 1-7: Connie's Easter Special

pt 1

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4

pt 5

pt 6

pt 7 The Finale!!!

hope you enjoyed the Easter special... so sorry its over two weeks late... but hey... at least its done... LOL

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Connie's Cuzin pt 1

Connie's Cuzin pt. 2

Connie's Cuzin part 3

Connie's Cuzin part 4

Connie's Cuzin Part 5

Connie's Cuzin Part 6

Connie's Cuzin Part 7 The Finale

hope you enjoyed... this may branch out into something else... you never know
let me know what you think, I had fun with this and can't wait to bring you more... since sometimes there is nothing on TV that you wanna watch, just remember, you can always come to my youtube page and watch me, and share me with others... cuz thats what friends are for... all my love... Constance


i wish blogs went up instead of down...

well... today, i am going to try something different. Every day this week I have posted a new episode of Connie's Cuzin... its a seven part series, that ends tonite... so to mix things up a little bit... im going to post the finale here, and of course on youtube... if you haven't checked out my Youtube page yet it is It Will Excite You!!! then that way people might start coming back to my blog for more, it can be interesting at times... and this way my blog and my youtubes can run hand in hand... LOL and now... while your here, Madonna's new CD cover has been revealed so I would like to share it with you. I can't wait for the new cd, the remixes, everything, i've followed Madonna through the years, and she has never disappointed me... i love you Madonna!!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Olivia does Sydney Mardi Gras

isnt she gorgeous? the lovely Olivia Newton-John

Constance Does John Jay and Rich pt 1.5 & 2

part 1

part 2

from the secret vaults from the Constance archives... more coming soon... see more at


Saturday, March 01, 2008

Connie Does John Jay & Rich

i think it was 2003... Cher was coming to Tucson and KRQ's John Jay and Rich were giving a way tickets to go see Cher... well being blonde and all, i thought i could just call the radio station and tell them that I was Anna Nicole Smith, a good friend of Cher's and Cher said that it was ok for me to get the tickets... well lets just say i didnt get the tickets unfortunately, but the highlight was i got to appear on the John Jay and Rich radio morning show, and I even got a chance to audition... well finally since I have figured out how to post videos onto the internet... LOL or at least try by videotaping the tv as any Smart blonde would do...
I would like to share with you my experience on the doing them in parts, so as soon as i have all the parts, i will post them on here with the last one being the first one that I post, so when you read down on the blog, you get to start from the beginning instead of near the tale end... that extra day of the year yesterday about wore me out...
i have to say that after learning how to make mini movies, i have to say the real people that put movies together have to have alot of patience... hope you have been enjoying my attempts at movie making and editing... remember... i am only a beginner... and a blonde... so lets just say, im challenged but doing the best a gurl could do under the circumstances, and hey... it does bring you some funny shit to watch doesn't it? LOL back to movie making... see you at the oscars...

March 1st 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Constance in "Poisonous Gas"

Dolly Parton, "Better Get to Livin" from Backwoods Barbie

its CHARO!!! Coochie Coochie!!!

singing love will keep us together...

with Carol Burnette

Acid Flashback... Traci Lords Fallen Angel

Remember when? Farrah Fawcett was on David Letterman?



I love you Farrah!!! Your so beautiful... my prayers are with you.

new shows should be returning soon...

now we will proceed to take on a news story... we all know that our favourite shows havent been on due to the writers strike... well guess what... incase you were unaware, the strike has ended... so our new shows will be returning soon... and now... back to our mindless entertainment...

Crystal Gayle getting attacked by the Sin Stalker on Another World

i loved in the 80's the mystery of the Sin Stalker who left the following note with all his victims... All wickedness is but little to the wickedness of Women... and in these treasures I found from Youtube... we have the sin Stalker trying to kill singer Crystal Gayle... he was unsuccessful, and then Crystal along with Gary Morris presented their new duet... rightfully entitled Another World, that became the theme song for the show for a long time... enjoy this flashback into yesterday... or is it yesteryear... i forget...
tee hee

we need some drama up in here... unleash the soap suds...

jenna's porno tape exposed... was it Jenna? great drama in scene two between jenna and lorna

Comics... Wonder Woman & Wonder Girl...

im really sad that the Wonder Girl mini is over... I hope J Torres gets to write more for the Wonder Family... he is a great story teller... speaking of story tellers... Gail Simone just finished a four issue arc on Wonder Woman that was entitled The Circle, and I have to say... Gail can write Wonder Woman for as long as she wants, she gives us the Diana that we want... we want her strong, smart, courageous, and I LOVE DIANA PRINCE being back... I love Nemisis, Wonder Woman is what I've always known that she should be... SEXY... and in to Diana it is unknowing... she just is, and the chemistry between Tom and Diana... even the apes could smell the chemistry... Gail's next arc will take Diana into space!!! after the space arc, we are going to be presented with a new regular artist on the series... I will miss the Dodson's, but as i have always learned with life... things change... LOL

Sonique... Another World

found this and wanted to share...

Backwoods Barbie, new album by Dolly Parton

just wanted to say, i went to Wal-Mart at six am this morning... and of course they could not find the new releases... never fails, so i advised the woman... find it... poor thing, she was nice and she was bring up cart after cart, and it was nowhere, so i was browsing around the area, and seen more boxes in another place... and bingo... there it was, not yet out on the shelves... i have one complaint for Wal-Mart, when your closed all nite, and have stockers, have someone take care of the new releases, cd's and dvd's, some people really enjoy new release day... it can be magical, or dreadful... and when i get a new release at Wal-Mart, the experience is always dreadful... and today was pretty much the same... come on wal-mart, get everything out on time... anyway... the reason for heading to Wal-Mart... Why it was Dolly Parton's new CD Backwoods Barbie, i love the title track, but as with any Dolly Parton CD, each song is enjoyable... I have loved Dolly Parton since I was a wee one... but my friend Seth loved her even more... Dolly was to him what Olivia is to me... so I have been definately thinking about my dear friend as I'm listening to Dolly's brilliant new CD!!! Way to go Dolly, a Fabulous collection of ear candy... Dolly I will always love you...

Dolly's new Album, Backwoods Barbie out NOW!!!