Wednesday, November 28, 2007

today was Anna's birthday... she would have been 40

someone sent me an anna tribute picture on MySpace today... i burst out in tears... I miss you so much...
My Heart Belongs to Anna

ill never ever forget you, even if i have amnesia

Saturday, November 24, 2007

O L I V I A Christmas on My Radio

O L I V I A everytime it snows with Jon Secada

Olivia Newton-John A Mother's Christmas Wish

ITs BRITNEY BiTcH!!! Gimme More...

im glad Britney's back on top... you go girl... im behind you all the way, your new cd... awesome... every track sensational pop... because you are the princess...

rachel vs justine

Bad Cecile or good Cecile? you decide

whats a girl to do when she needs money to pay off her loan sharks, have her daughter kidnapped and held for ransom of course... but the plan backfired... and Maggie turned the tables on her scheming mother

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Favourite New CD's

wow... DIVA's galore in order of release dates, and purchaces... first there was Debbie Harry Necessary Evil... a wonderful new cd... my favourite tracks? Two Times Blue, Dirty and Deep, Charm Alarm, hell i love the whole CD... go out and purchase it

next cd purchaced was the fabulous, infamous, miss american dream since she was 17... Its Britney Bitch!!! Spears BLACKOUT!!!... I'm sorry, but I love her... I can pull my hair off and utter the line... Its Britney Bitch... the whole cd is a pure pop delight... favourites? Toy Soldiers, Gimme More, Heaven on Earth... the whole CD is awesome... just when everyone thought Britney's career is over... in your face...

next in order of release date, but not by favourites or this would have to be at the top of the list, Olivia Newton-John Christmas Wish, a beautiful new holiday CD produced by Amy Sky... Georgeous CD... favourites? Everytime It Snows, Christmas Wish, Christmas on My Radio... I love this whole cd too

and my latest CD purchace? Celine Dion! I usually buy some of her CD's and have a couple of songs that I enjoy, but never want to listen to the whole CD again... But this one is different... Celine has taken Rock with a new sound... it is a cd that i could listen to over and over again... she amazed me with this one... she even remade Heart's Alone... Favourites? Taking Chances, which is the title track, and also really like Alone... have only had the CD for two days so i dont know the other tracks names... but its definately worth buying...

hope you have enjoyed my report on new music... above here... i am going to see if i can find videos from each of the artist to share the love... i love music... it brings the people together...


and because I missed you so much...

while I was away...

i didnt mean to keep you waiting for what was actually months between posts? i so sowwy... there have been a few connie appearences in the month of october, because there was pride, then there was the satuday before halloween, and then there was halloween... and halloween i had aquired a few different looks that day... will share them all soon... but for now... here's my favourite! My spin on the whole JUST SAY... and you know i can never say no... but maybe if there weren't so many taken, my IDOL Anna Nicole Smith would still be here with us today!!! and could be a mom to her beautiful daughter... I miss her so much

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

im back

thought this was a very PRIDEful video

Friday, September 28, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jessica Biel fighting for our rights in her satin tights?

Rumour has it Jessica Biel is the front runner for the role of Wonder Woman in the Justice League movie, which i believe is entitled Justice... ive done a photoshopping of Jessica wearing the tiara? What do you think? I was browsing the internet for pictures of Jessica, and i have to say she has a Wonderful body... and a great booty from what i could tell from one shot... so i think she might do the Wonder Suit some JUSTICE, although i do hope that Warner Bros remembers to put some blue contacts in for her... or she just wouldnt be Wonder Woman to me...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Wonder Boy

another Wonder Fan

WW tribute

Don't cha

Don't cha wish your girl friend was hot like WONDER WOMAN?

You spin me right round

the song... along with Wonder Spins!!! what could be better?

Wonder Woman from Mego

While searching for Wonder Woman

i found this song by Trey Songz... WONDER WOMAN... kinda hot

Diva of the week...


family Portrait

she caught my attention with the Pink Hair... and kept my facination since she first began...

Just Like a Pill

U and Ur Hand

Who Knew

Love her... she is awesome...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

New pic of the QUEEN?

found this somewhere the other day and loved the shot... isnt she beautiful?
all hail to the QUEEN...

some WONDER for your day...

was just doing some browsing thru the internet and found these... as you know, she has been my hero since i was five...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Super Pop

i think ive heard this one before... all hail the QUEEN...

can someone show me how to curtsy for the Queen?

more more more

Bittersweet... a remix

another of Liquid Love

may wet dreams spill on you all
i know these findings have made my juices flow...

More from the Queen

found this pieced together clip for the unreleased track Fighting Spirit

Your Honesty... a unreleased track until Madonna shared it with us when she released a Remixed version of American Life, as well as other songs

this has unreleased songs Gone Gone Gone & Revenge

this includes Liquid Love as well as Bittersweet... youtube is really like a treasure chest... i always enjoying finding Madonna songs ive never heard before... i really would like to have a copy of Liquid Love... its hot!!!

hope you enjoyed my findings...
all my liquid love to you

The Queen

can't forget the queen... i have to say i love coming home from a long day at work and see what the Queen has posted in her blog... today she has posted lyrics to one of her songs from the upcoming new album that has been leaked from someone at Warner Brothers... and if you haven't figured out who the Queen is... she is none other than the one named wonder... MADONNA (duh) her blog if you wanna check it out is liked the little snippet i heard, and it made me go browsing thru google video and youtube i guess and found a few pieces of EXCELLENCE from the Queen...


Madonna performing Sooner or Later on the Oscars

and this video... is set to Madonna's Forbidden Love from the Confessions CD, but it seems to be put together by someone who has a Jake Gyllenhaal fetish... he's hot... enjoy the eye candy... even though we all know that the Queen is sexier!!!

and the last video i have found is set to Madonna's Waiting (Pussy mix) but im waiting to see why they call it pussy mix... i know the song ends with and the next time you want pussy... just look in the mirror baby... that song awoken my sexuality... actually the whole Erotica CD did, it was around the time that i first really began my exploration of my sexuality and coming to terms with who i am.... but i wanna tell you a secret... im still coming to terms with everything... its a silent process, but hey somebody has to deal with it... next post i promise to post pictures of the Princess... who is that you wonder? well if your reading this now you already have went past the answer... to bad i can't think backwards huh?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lisa Marie's Dirty Laundry

i like it!!!

oops... the one after this one wasnt what i thought it was

Lisa Marie's video for Lights Out

Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie's first single... Lights Out

The King

a tribute to Elvis i found on Youtube for Lisa Marie

In the Ghetto

Lisa Marie Presley has sung a duet now with her father in a video that is controversial due to its content... but hearing the two sing together made me cry... i have always loved Elvis on some level, i think its because my Grandma loved him so much too... August 16th, marked the 30 year anniversary of his passing... Lisa Marie is 37, she is older than me... August 16th also was the Queen's 49th birthday... Happy Birthday Madonna... I love you... and now... presenting In the Ghetto by Elvis and his beautiful daughter Lisa Marie...

Friday, August 17, 2007

still cant forget you...

the history of Another World...

Vicki and Ryan reunited together in Heaven

Who knew saving the world could be so Glamorous?

just seen a clip from the Justice League Unlimited that contained all females, including Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Hawkgirl & Vixen... thought it was pretty cool so i wanted to share my youtube finding... GIRL POWER!!!


Sunday, August 05, 2007

happy sunday to you...

you live in a zoo... happy sunday dear whoever happy sunday to you.... kisses and hope all is having a wonderful lazy sunday...
now lets see what kind of treasures i can dig up from youtube today shall we?
but... the treasure is not from you tube... it is from the cover of Wonder Woman #12... the cover that they have been showing as a piece from the series art as the cover... but Mr. Torres who has written the issue of WONDER WOMAN has posted the cover for all to view... i like it... what do you think? the other two pics were pics that i believe that i found on someone's myspace page and really liked...
have a WONDERful day

Friday, August 03, 2007

the queen of Rock and Roll?

dont know who would really get that title... or if i understand what would classify a rock and roll artist... but if i had to name someone from the Rock world i could come up with a few names off the top of my head... Stevie Nicks, Lita Ford, Heart, Courtney Love... and so im going to find a favourite video for each one of these lovely ladies...

Stevie Nicks... ive posted this before i believe, but Dreams is my favourite Fleetwood Mac song, with Stevie singing lead vocals... and to have it remixed is interesting if you wanna hear something different from the song...

Lita Ford... Kiss Me Deadly

Heart "all i wanna do"

and this is a tribute to the awesome Courtney Love...

and i couldnt go without posting this...

Doll Parts... Courtney Love

Grunge? Hard? Dirty?

so some more videos with this theme... but i actually came up with the previous post before this one... but alas in blog world thats just how it goes... so anyho...
lets grunge it up a bit with...

NIRVANA Come as You Are...

NIRVANA live "Breed" (i would have let Kurt "breed" me anytime he wanted)

need some TOOL? how bout some Prison Sex?

was browsing thru youtube... and ran across an interesting title... TOOL, Prison Sex... ive heard of the group... but didnt know that they had a song called Prison Sex

i think i remember my friend Seth showing me this video...

because i wanted to... and because just because

just felt the need to find some little treasure on youtube and share... whatever will i find...? are you scared?
me too...

LOL perfect...

Four Chinese Hookers pt 1

Four Chinese Hookers pt 2

LOL its cute... check it out
love Constance

Monday, July 30, 2007

Confide in me... Kylie

interesting video...

put yourself in my place... Kylie

kylie looks very hot in this video... check it out

Can't get you outta my head...

some more Kylie... and this one is a Blue Monday mix? lets enjoy it together shall we?

Aussie Songbird Kylie Minogue performing Olivia's Physical

have always heard that Kylie performed Physical in concert... but until today, i have never seen it... so it brings me on to blog again and share some favourite finds from the always facinating youtube...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tony and Anna Reunite...2007

pt 1

pt 2

and a glimpse at Calliope when she was working for Anna for Anna Dimera Designs

Tony & Anna... the past plus Andre

tony and anna held captive

tony's wedding to Anna pt 1

pt 2

pt 3

Roman Dies on Island

pt 1

pt 2

Stefano is Renee's father... Days of Our Lives

ok... so i couldnt find pt two... so now am bringing you part 3

pt 4 above
pt 5 below

and pt 6 below

Fabulous Farrah...

having a celebration of blondes just because i can... Farrah has always been my favourite Angel... followed closely by Jacklyn Smith... but when i was young... i always had to be Sabrina... it was so unfair... i would have much rather played Jill Munroe...

pt 1 above and pt 2 below of Farrah's appearence on David Letterman that set toungues a waggin...

Farrah from Charlie's Angels

can't help but fall in love with her beautiful blonde tresses...

Miss Piggy

and the next clip... Miss Piggy on SCRUBS?

Miss Piggy does Studio 54...

A Diva thru and thru...

you know... Miss Piggy is a timeless beauty... she only gets more beautiful...

don't you agree?

upcoming WONDER titles...

WONDERful things are coming...

was browsing and found some interesting things coming up for Wonder Woman including a set of four action figures designed by artist Terry Dodson, the amazing current artist for Wonder Woman... take a look

Sunday, July 22, 2007

A timeless beauty

don't you agree? Elizabeth Taylor, you are fabulous... found this little tribute video on you tube

RIP Tammy Faye Bakker

a little late on this posting, but i didnt find out until yesterday that sweet beautiful Tammy Faye had passed away... she was such a truly vibrant person that spread love to everyone she met, and dealt with everything with such dignity and faith in God... ive been searching thru Youtube and am going to post some Tammy Faye tributes in rememberance of such a beautiful person. Rest in peace dear Tammy, your makeup was so beautiful... because your beauty from within made it transcend your lovely personality... you will be truly missed...

below is an interview with Tammy

a make up lesson from Tammy

an afternoon at the swapmeet with Tammy Faye

another Tammy tribute

may you rest in peace you beautiful angel... you are in a much better place now, in this world your sunshine will be truly missed... my only regret is i never had the pleasure of meeting you, but my dear friend Kathryn, you asked her if she would be your friend... so just know darlin... any friend of Kathryn's is a friend of mine, so i feel in that way, we were connected...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Drag Queen fools College Jock on TV

thought this was cute and wanted to share my findings... happy youtube-ing

Another World in Arizona

just found this, Another World when it was filmed on location in Arizona... enjoy

Confrontation between Rachel and Iris

dramatic moment between Rachel and Iris... always superb acting

Cecile dePoulignac...

My favourite charachter from Another World has always been the lying scheming and conniving bitch, the Queen of Tanquir, the one the only Cecile dePoulignac... was browsing thru Youtube and finally have found some clips of her... the first is a promo for Another World

Cecile & Peter's wedding pt 1

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4

pt 5

ive never seen these episodes so it will be a joy to go back and watch them again...
wishing you the best of my love

Alive Again

Cher, Alive Again

Cher Dove el amore

ive never seen this video before...

Cher... all or nothing

Cher... singing Knock on Wood

from a lost album... CHER montage

Wonder Woman to Knock on Wood

The Dirty Little Mermaid

poor little mermaid... she wants a vagina so bad...

Change of Heart

another song performed with Jim Brickman...
beautiful music

My Valentine

this song was originally recorded by Jim Brickman and Martina McBride, but i guess Jim went on tour and had Olivia to sing this beautiful song...

Have You Never Been Mellow?

just found a fabulous remix of this song... somewhere somewhere down my family line, i have a family member that had something to do with this song, but the story is a little sketchy but there was a big write up in the Boonville Daily News... back when she came and perfomed in Columbia Mo. in the 70's...

i love this song...

did this song shape who i am?

ive always loved this song... but i was only 11 when i heard it and knew it word for word... do you think this could have had impact on who i am? I must say... a Stranger's Touch can always thrill me so much as well... enjoy the video... Stranger's Touch by O L I V I A Newton-John


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Diva of the Moment... Debbie Harry...

Sweet & Low... by Diva of the moment Debbie Harry

singing I want that Man... i love this song

love this song too... never seen this video... the song? I Can See Clearly

In Love with Love
and finally... i believe this is the video for I Want that Man

hope you enjoyed

the Goonies

ok... the song from the movie The Goonies... enjoy

Hole in my Heart

never seen this video either... enjoy

remixed idnyC

was browsing thru youtube and found a great remix of Cyndi Lauper's I Drove all Night...

never seen this video before, Cyndi singing At Last... beautiful

I will remember you

it has been over five months since the sudden death of my goddess Anna Nicole Smith... I hope you are at peace in heaven with Daniel... it still hurts to think about it, i feel such a closeness to us even though we have never met... i will always love you beautiful...

a tribute to Anna with Sara Mclauglin(SP?) singing I will remember you that i found on youtube, im sure i posted it before... but i can never forget you Anna... you will always live in my heart

an interview with Anna i had never seen before
you are truly missed Anna
i will always love you

Some Drama for your day

when Hope learned that Zach died... brought tears to my eyes... she should have gotten an Emmy for this

when Hope finally opens up the puzzle box to prove that she is Hope, and not Gina...
hope that added some drama to your day...
all my love
another drama queen...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

ok so i know this is above my last post so i wanna say hope you enjoyed the video that i found... but if your skolling down, alas you wil see this one first... but i guess thats how it works... (and the title bar is still not working... looking to see what else i can find on youtube...
its still not letting me post titles... which really disappoints me... but anyway ill get over it... i watched last nite on youtube a video for Madonna's Hey You... i dont really know if its an official video because our video diva was seen nowhere in the video, but who ever made it, it made me cry... let me see if i can find the video again to get the word out...

its such a beautiful song, complete with a message, if everyone could live in a world of love instead of greed and hatred, the world would be a better place...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

found a 2007 opening for AW... i wish they would have included Cecile dePoulignac
ok again we will have to go title-less because the system will not let me have a title... but we've had our WONDER segment... now i suppose its time for the Drama... lets take a look into Youtube, which never ceases to amaze me and bring some little treasures from the past to share... from the late, the great...

Crystal Gayle & Gary Morris appear on AW to introduce the new theme song at the time for AW

well... today is 7-7-07 i think i should really go and buy a lottery ticket today... seems like kind of a lucky numbered day... they have posted the upcoming cover of the new issue of WW but it looks like it has been pushed back a week... i dont know why, but this thing is not letting me add a title... lets see if it will let me add a picture...


Sunday, July 01, 2007

lazy sunday morning...

ok so its a boring sunday morning... i could either eat or... i could blog on here for awhile... so i chose here for the moment, but might go make some homemade macaroni and cheese.... but for now... lets see what i can find to chit chat about...
in Wonder Woman news... Hippolyta is back from the grave and is leading the Amazons to lead an all out attack on the USA thanks to the evil witch Circe... and before Diana "Killed" Circe, Circe told her that the only way to put and end to this madness by upsurping her Mothers throne... meaning she would have to kill her mother... well issue 10 has came out now and it left with a startling cliffhanger, presenting the final arc in best selling author, Jodi Picoult's 5 issue run on the title... next two issues are fill in with guest artist and writer, and then Gail Simone will be joining the title... i must say that i have really enjoyed this run on Wonder Woman... granted i was pretty steamed about the fact we had to endure the lateness Heinberg made us suffer... but DC made it up to us an had Wonder Woman go bi weekly for a couple of months to catch us up on what we had missed... and now they are even having a six issue Wonder Girl mini series that is starting in September i believe... lets see if i can find any pictures to share...

an early 15 year anniversary present to my blonde half...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Diva of the Day

you know her and you love her... and this time she was absolutely a golden gurl... as she made an appearence at Gay West, held in Old Tucson Studios, and even rode the mechanical bull for 1:15 before being thrown off...not bad cowgurl...

some favourite tunes

because its always good to share the gift of music... im searching youtube to see if i can find a song that im looking for along with its video... wish me luck because as of right now i can't even think of the singers name... but the song that im looking for is Smells Like Teen Spirit, but its not Nirvana... wish me luck on my little search of youtube

found it... just goes to show that if you put your mind down to the searching you can find all kinds of things on this wide scope of the internet technology...
the artist is Abigail, the song... Smells Like Teen Spirit
while we are on that song... how bout with the original, and the gorgeous Kurt Cobain who was totally awesome and hot...

and to show that i have some versatility in what i listen to, let me find another group that you might not think that i like...

this one really took me longer because i couldnt think of the band name to save my life, so then i searched by using keywords, no self esteem... then finally in one of the searches it brought up one saying that it was using the offspring as the background song so then it brought my search to full fruitation... so i hope you enjoyed my video search of the moment... i think up above for the next post... you will see one for Diva of the Day!!! who will it be?

happy guessing... but i guess after you have already this, you would have already been thru the Diva of the Day huh?

my favourite Smurf...

just incase you ever wondered... who is my favourite smurf? well let me just say im going to give you three guesses, and the first two don't count... and i'll give you a clue that may not come as a surprize to anyone... Blonde, Beautiful & Blue...
while your guessing ill take a look thru youtube and see if i can find some kind of tribute video... she definately deserves one...

pt 1 of Romeo and Smurfette

pt 2 of Romeo and Smurfette

and the final segment of Romeo and Smurfette

so if you havent figured out, my favourite smurf is Smurfette!!!

hope you enjoyed the cartoons...
love ya

Friday, June 22, 2007

ANNA RETURNS!!! (not Anna Nicole but i wish she would)

yesterday on Days of our Lives Anna DiMera returned... and it seems Anna is willing to do anything for a price... somethings never change... was checking thru youtube and found a clip with Anna, Tony, Marlena and Roman (Wayne Northrop) and thought i would share to refreshen your minds as to who Anna DiMera is... she is Carrie's mother and its been about 21 years since Salem last seen Anna...

Andrea Barber as little Carrie, when she found out that her Dad Roman was "dead"

enjoy the drama

always be my number one favourite...

very early in her career... take a peak at the beautiful songstress who has captured my imagination over the years...

O L I V I A N E W T O N - J O H N
i'll always be your fan... hmmm... that could be a song title... maybe soon i will be coming up with my own ode to livvy... just like Dolly Parton's sister Stella...

When Heroes Collide

Great Hera!!! i was browsing the internet and found a link to something that ive seen before, but wanted to share and keep for the memories... what happens when your two idols collide? Who will save the world and who will sing? you decide... LOL
all my love

Friday, June 15, 2007

my scene in the movie has been filmed

well i finally got to add actress to my list of credits... i dont know what the rest of the credits are mind you... but last week, my scene that i was doing for the movie was filmed in which i was playing a street walker... along with my second drag mummy Kimi San Dumi... we had alot of fun... it should get released someday... tell you more about it when i can but i am bound by a confidentiality agreement about the storyline for the film.... but i can post some pictures of me from that nite... enjoy