Monday, June 25, 2007

some favourite tunes

because its always good to share the gift of music... im searching youtube to see if i can find a song that im looking for along with its video... wish me luck because as of right now i can't even think of the singers name... but the song that im looking for is Smells Like Teen Spirit, but its not Nirvana... wish me luck on my little search of youtube

found it... just goes to show that if you put your mind down to the searching you can find all kinds of things on this wide scope of the internet technology...
the artist is Abigail, the song... Smells Like Teen Spirit
while we are on that song... how bout with the original, and the gorgeous Kurt Cobain who was totally awesome and hot...

and to show that i have some versatility in what i listen to, let me find another group that you might not think that i like...

this one really took me longer because i couldnt think of the band name to save my life, so then i searched by using keywords, no self esteem... then finally in one of the searches it brought up one saying that it was using the offspring as the background song so then it brought my search to full fruitation... so i hope you enjoyed my video search of the moment... i think up above for the next post... you will see one for Diva of the Day!!! who will it be?

happy guessing... but i guess after you have already this, you would have already been thru the Diva of the Day huh?

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