Wednesday, February 28, 2007

my audition was today

think i probably got the part as the Cincinnati Whore... do you think ive been type cast? LOL... anyho.... heres another tribute to our beautiful Anna Nicole Smith... just got home so dont really know whats going on with the news for it today... but heres some Anna videos

the infamous anna in clown makeup

over nine minutes of Anna tribute
love ya...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

continuing remembrance for Anna

just wanted to post a quick note that tomorrow i have an audition for a horror movie that is being filmed right here in Tucson Arizona... the role im up for you ask... why none other than the Cincinatti Whore... can you imagine... if i win an Oscar? My speach would be I would like to thank my Hero ANNA NICOLE SMITH, who inspired me to be all that i can be... and i would like to thank the Academy for their votes for me... i would be on cloud nine... LOL but i guess first i would have to get accepted for part first huh? well... here is a rerun but definately one of my favourite recent findings... My heart belongs to daddy...
love ya...

Monday, February 26, 2007

remembering Anna

and she has still not been laid to rest... continuing my tribute to the gorgeous blonde bombshell... the late the great Anna Anna Anna Anna Nicole...she was so outrageous... im going to miss her... got news today that i might have a chance to audition for a movie... wish me luck...

some more tributes found on youtube as we all wait for the beautiful Anna to be laid to rest... RIP my beautiful blonde
love eternally

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Red Carpet Fashions for Oscars

watching the live coverage of the Red Carpet on E! and i decided that i would post a little bit of coverage on the fashions coming from the Red Carpet from the Oscars... i actually just seen Reese Witherspoon in a beautiful purplish plum gown... i forgot who they said designed it now... but im going to do a search and see if i can find a photo of her wearing this dress... My roommate just changed it over to the channel that the oscars are actually on... we just got done eating some Oscar pizza from Papa John's pizza... i had the regular sauce replaced with bbq sauce, cuz their regular pizza sauce gives me the runs... LOL hows that... a blurb about Oscar fashions even includes talk of bowel movements... only in my blog can you find such honesty... Wow.... just looked up and Nicole Kidman looked fabulous in that vivid Red gown... missed who the designer was... does that surprize you?
well i have to mention, Beyonce's mint green dress was pretty... just tried googling Oscar fashions and didnt see anything that made me want to search further... maybe i just don't know the exact secrets of the correct searching methods to add more power to my searches... so alas... for this post i will include a photo of myself... hope you like... whatever shall i choose? am working on updating my Aol website... this was an idea for the lead picture... but its missing something... so it might remain as an unused creation... but at least i can share it here... hope you enjoy...
love alway

watching the red carpet... and she's still not buried yet

just setting here and watching E!'s red carpet special... haven't seen any gowns that made me want to report about... but if there are any i will try to find it on the internet and share... but my continuing post continues until Anna is laid to rest...

a tribute done to Bittersweet Symphony... i think ive posted this before

so there are a couple of Anna tributes to continue until our generations Blonde Bombshell is laid to rest... RIP Anna... we love you
your mistress Constance

Friday, February 23, 2007

15 Days and Counting

Poor Anna... my mind is mush now from all the coverage on tv... i can't even think straight... not that i could ever do that anyway... All my love pours out to you Anna... searching for some more tributes to continue my continuing rememberance of Anna until her body is finally laid to rest...

Anna in a Bryan Ferry video

this was a pretty cute tribute

well im gonna stop here... hopefully you will be able to rest in peace soon you sweet dear beautiful blonde... you are truly missed...
Love Always

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Anna to be buried in Bahamas

came home from work today and found out the announcement had been made today that Anna was going to be buried in the Bahamas although according to sources, Vergie Authur is trying to contest the decision first thing in the morning, because as you remember, she wants Anna to be buried in Texas, and wants to have Daniels body exhumed and moved to Texas as well

anna lashes out at her mother on ET

Anna on her mother... they should show this to whoever is dealing with the appeal and just take a look at Vergie and tell her no...

a tribute to Anna... i love searching youtube you can find almost anything... if anyone wants to come and show me how to do all this i would love to make youtube videos too... can you imagine? lil ol me a star on youtube... could be the start to my own reality comedy show... you never know... you know you want to do it... cum show me...
kisses and all my love
your Mistress Constance

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

the battle continues

just got done watching Larry King live who had the whole episode devoted to our beautiful Anna... hopefully they will come to a conclusion of who will be able to have her body buried... im kinda broken about where i want her to be buried now... Her mother wants her buried in texas... and if that happens she wants to have Daniels body exhumed and moved to texas as well...

because i love it so much... My Heart belongs to Daddy

Stephanie Weir from MadTV as Anna Nicole

an anna tribute

another MadTV spoof
well gotta go for now... sending all my love... and lets all pray that Anna Nicole will be buried soon...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

i guess nothing has been resolved today

came home from work and looked for news on where Anna would be buried... and as of this afternoon, no news yet... but will check back and let you know, but for now some more rememberence of Anna Nicole Smith

a tribute set to Prince's Most beautiful girl

baby your're a star

words from Anna's dad...

more of cousin Shelly

an interview with Anna's friend

a tribute done to Bette Midler's the Rose i believe

well sweeties... i need to get runnin... love ya

Monday, February 19, 2007

Another Hero... Anna's Hero... my Hero...

ahh... the mold of the blond bombshell originates from this beautiful blonde... a kiss on the hand might be quite continental... but diamonds are a girls best friend...

like i said...

and here we have Marilyn being brought to life in pencil

after you get what you want...

Marilyn talking about her childhood part one

pt 2

scenes from the unfinished Marilyn movie... somethings got to give

a marilyn tribute done to Dolly Parton's Hard Candy Christmas

Marilyn's final days

Marilyn in an appearence in Korea
well... tune in tomorrow and hopefully i will be able to post where Anna's final resting place will be...
until then... i leave you with this... which isnt much but if you hold out your hand you will see it will only be as full as you make it... so make sure and grab a handful of something to make you happy today...
all my love
your mistress constance

the court battle begins tomorrow... remembering Anna continues

well have been bomb barded with different news reports...Anna is being embalmed.but they had to switch the embalmers at the last minute because the previous funeral home never signed the confidentuality agreement but they claimed that they didn't want to be held liable if any of the procedures went wrong... and rightfully so because she had been kept in the refidgerator all that time at the morgue... so another group of embalmers came in and performed the over 3 hour job... but after they were searched for any cameras or recording devices... the battle continues about whether Anna will be buried in Texas or in the Bahama's by her son...they better let her be buried by her son Daniel, watching Anna news on FOX now...
they are talking about Anna on Drugs now... and Anna's friend Jackie Hatten... she is blaming Howard, saying that they have never had sexual relations... so if that is true... then baby girl Dannielynn is not Howard's daughter... Howard you did this...what did you do to my son? was what she was saying that orderlies were sayin? im glad im not one of those court room typers or i would definately be fired by now... i guess my mind would have to be following the words carefully... so well... guess im going to have to post some tributes to the beautiful blonde angel who is now in heaven watching over us all... we love you Anna

hope i havent posted it before, but maybe...

dont think i have this one

and another

anna doing an insurance commercial

an Anna and Daniel tribute

good by Vicky Lynn

a trimspa commercial

anna's cousin shelly

the tragic end brought to you by E! pt 1 searching for part two now

dont know if this is it or not... but thought i would share it too

from access hollywood

from nbc news

from Mad TV anna spoof... i love you anna you know i do... but i liked that you always made me laugh and smile... thats important and thats what stephanie weir did whenever she portrayed you on tv
imitation is the best form of flattery... i know im flattered whenever someone tells me i look like you...
well going to look for more parts to the blog
love you anna

Sunday, February 18, 2007

still remembering Anna

well today is sunday and im still mourning Anna until her body has been laid to its final resting place... im to tired now to report all my news findings but ill be sure to share tomorrow... but here are some more tributes i found from youtube... enjoy...

a tribute to Anna

an interview with Howard a day after Anna died

a tribute to Anna using Led Zepplin's song Stairway to Heaven

another tribute

Regis and Kelly comment about Anna
this tribute has some neat effects...
well gonna get goin to bed... all my love and i miss you Anna... hopefully you can be buried soon...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

can't get Anna off my mind

well here it is Saturday nite... no news to report because i havent been on the web all day... will search for more Anna news tomorrow... but heres a few tributes to her...

anna on fhm

an Anna tribute

another tribute by a fan...
well gotta go to bed sweeties... sweet dreams

Friday, February 16, 2007

some say love... to you Anna a rose

some say love... it is a river... that drowned the tender reed... some say love... it is a flower, and you its only seed... if i could add a song to this... i would include the Rose for you ANNA... finding some tributes for you and then escaping to dreamland.... i'll love you always

from E! News

another tribute

Anna's beginnings... in her own words

a tribute to Anna and Dannielynn

scenes from either to the limit or skyscraper... i can't tell which is which

another tribute

a tribute from the scissor sisters (SP?)
i dont care... its past my bed time... sweet dreams to you all and all my love

Thursday, February 15, 2007

one week later... my tribute to Anna continues

its been a week to the day that we have lost our beautiful Anna Nicole Smith, a treasure that can never be replaced... in Anna news today... they are fighting over who is going to be in control of burying Anna... Anna bought four burial plots in the Bahama's and that is where Daniel is buried, Anna wanted to be buried with Daniel...but her mother, whom Anna has been estranged from for years, is trying to get control over the body to have her buried in Texas, if that would happen that would be a huge tragedy to not let her have her final wish to be buried by her son... lets all pray that she gets to be buried where she wanted to be buried...

proof Anna does not want her mother to have anything to do with her

Anna Nicole Mad TV skit... hilarious

tribute for Anna, using Elvis's song You were always on my mind

another fan tribute

Anna and her men... set to Madonna's Live to Tell

another fan tribute
well sweeties... its time for me to get my sleepy ass to bed... at least tomorrow is Friday!!! whooo hoooo
all my love
miss you Anna

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

seven days without ANNA

can you believe Anna died last thursday? i still can't get over the fact that she is gone. ive been coming home and reading more Anna news daily and see what all is going on in the controversy... so it sounds like Howard and Anna's birth mother (whom she hasnt been close to for years) are fighting over rights to the body to have it buried... i guess the california courts have decided that the morgue needs to release the body so it can be buried before it starts to break down... POOR ANNA... I love you beautiful blonde angel... you will always have a piece of my heart... lets continue with the ANNA TRIBUTES...

autopsy report... don't watch drunk, because someone taped off the tv with a video camera, so it makes me kinda dizzy...

well just got back from Carl's jr... so ill post these two and see ya tomorrow...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

my heart belongs to daddy... reprise

because i love it so... here it is again in case you missed it...

im adding this to myspace as well... i love it i do...
all my love

Anna Anna Anna

kinda tired today... but as i said, until this beautiful blonde taken to her final resting place i will keep posting tributes and Anna Nicole moments

from an Oscar show

ok... some might think that this is not a tribute to Anna... but Anna made me laugh, and so did Stephanie from MAD TV in her impersonations of Anna...

Goodbye Anna Nicole... Candle in the wind...

a tribute put to sarah mclauclin's Sweet Surrender

another fan's eulogy for Anna

in Anna's words

and a tribute set to the Beatles Anna

may peace find you in your new world beautiful blonde Anna... i will always remember you... and everytime i think of you i will smile at all the brightness you have brought into my world...
love you always

Monday, February 12, 2007

My Heart Belongs to Daddy... performed by ANS

was searching for different Anna pieces from youtube and ran accross this... i had heard the song and loved it very much... but to finally see the video after my Goddess has gone... it was a nice surprize

i will never forget you Anna

well... the papers and tabloids are all on the scene as anything and everything in the Anna Nicole saga continues with no end in sight... gonna look for some videos to share and might blurb about my findings later... i need a nap...

the news

cnn breaking news of Anna's Death

access hollywood reporting

a tribute set to music
well... havent made it to take my nap yet... but during my search... i found a little diddy that im going to post in its post all unto itself... a video i had never seen before... but of course... as your reading the blog... you will have already seen it before you have even read any of this... but oh well
lots of love

WONDER WOMAN comic news

previews of Wonder Woman number four that will hopefully be released on Feb 21st, after five or six delays... read the preview... i don't understand how it could take so long to write something that didnt really look like it took much thought... but hey ill read it and then let you know my second opinion... im fair... but when i judge i also remember the past, and i won't forget your delays Mr. Heinburg... shame on you!!!

Jodi's run continues in May's issue of Wonder Woman #9... but who's sillouhette is that behind our amazing amazon? Could it be her mother... Hippolyta? ALIVE? hopefully... keep your fingers crossed... also including a pic of April's AMAZONS ATTACK #1...

hope you have a WONDERful day

Sunday, February 11, 2007

one more WW

teenage super hero pregnancy scare... won numerous short film awards...

still waiting for Wonder Woman...

well was browsing for a Wonder Woman tidbit to share... and found a remix of the WW theme song along with some fabulous footage from Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman series...

thank god this didnt happen... it was a 1967 pilot for a proposed WW series... im so glad it didnt happen

more sudsy DRAMA's

well the thing that i like about my daytime drama's is they are just that... they are drama's and no one really gets hurt, no one is really dying... and if they do they can bring them back from the dead... just concoct a plausible explanation of where they were during all of this time... and we daytime viewers are expected to suspend belief and be awstricken when they come back from beyond the grave... if i could i would resurrect Anna... and sometimes on Soaps they are unable to resurrect a charachter from the great beyond because they have died in real life and so therefore it makes it impossible to bring that actor back to play the character, but if its a beloved character, such as Mac Cory on Another World who was portrayed by Douglas Watson, a recast would have been totally unacceptable... and since soaps imitate life... a funeral brings great drama and many tears... ive had almost to much drama since the passing of Anna... but im making it thru the best way i can...
enjoy my drama pics...

Rachel as she moves on without Mac, with the song Landslide

a tribute to Rachel Cory from Another World... and thats all for the Suds corner today

Madonna History

a remix of History... an unreleased track, believe this is remixed but unsure... enjoy... constance

watchin the Grammy's

just seen that Madonna has won a Grammy for best Electronica dance album with Confessions on the Dancefloor cd... way to go MADONNA!!! lets see what exciting Madonna videos i can find on youtube to celebrate this exciting moment... all hail the Dancing Queen... MADONNA!!!

a remix of Like a Prayer

a video for Has to Be

and a little Love Profusion headcleaner rock mix

a remix of I Want You...

and finally... i think ive found a remix of all the songs on confessions on a dancefloor... im listening to it now... but its what im leaving you with... hope you enjoy...
all my love...

i hate laundry... at least the internet keeps me entertained between loads...LOL

ok... so i finished eatin now... which you didnt know that i was hungry until you read the end of my next post... don't you hate that?? that i have to get my facts all backwards and then you have to be cornfused? well... welcome to this Blondes world... speaking of loads... maybe i should share with you some of my internet findings of hot men... what do you think?

Searching for more tributes to share...Remembering Anna...

i think that it is really horrible that Anna's body cannot be put to its final resting place for ten days... are they fucking stupid... get them a DNA sample from Anna and let that beautiful woman be buried in peace instead of being locked up in a refridgerator... im sure that who gets to bury the body will be another fight all together... May you rest in peace you beautiful blonde... until Anna is buried... im going to continue honoring her, by finding various pieces from youtube, the tribute that had Evanessence's song along with it no longer exists? i was told this by a friend and bein from Missouri and all i had to see it for myself since we have this SHOW ME thing goin on... and yep... it doesnt work... hopefully there are some other beautiful fan tributes to share... RIP ANNA... i will always love you

an Anna tribute done to bittersweet symphony

forgot what this one was because already started searching for this next one and you know i can't remember some things for very long... but hope you enjoyed it too...

i think this one was when Anna was sayin how Sexy Regis Philbin is... you have to admit, love her or hate her, Anna was good Television
gonna go eat... im hungry talk at you laterz... kisses...C

Saturday, February 10, 2007

More Anna... because i love you

searching youtube for footage of the fabulous ANNA NICOLE SMITH 1967-2007 the death of a legend... i will truly miss you forever and ever and more than all the fishy's in the sea...

the famous awards show scene... freakin genious

Dannilynn being brought into the world... cecarian...(dont know how to spell that, but the video is graphic... poor little baby girl my prayers are with you and i send you my love...

trailer again to Anna's final movie... Illegal Aliens

this one made the flood gates release...

this one to the song if you could read my mind... if you could really read her mind i wonder if people would have been so cruel to this beautiful sole...
going to watch a movie... will post more later
tearfully yours... C

so what outfit will Donna wear?

just found this preview pic from a link that i found in the DC comics message board for Wonder Woman... this is the pre cover to Teen Titans #47

i will always love you Anna Nicole Smith

you will always be my hero and one of my idols to whom i really looked up to, you, like I, do not know my real father, and you have made it from the bottom up and created a name for yourself... you are such a beautiful person on the inside and the out... you made the world laugh and have fun as they watched your zany antics and all the while... you were the one laughing because you got america hooked yet again... i wish i could have a full lifetime to know about the life of Anna Nicole, you really inspire me, and like Marilyn you are gone before your time... I will never forget you and keep your name spread throughout the encounters in my life... I wanna take the time to thank my friends who all called and offered their condolences to me because they all know how much i love you and knew how devastated it would be when i found out the news... each day since Feb. 8th 2007 has been getting a bit easier, but those tears still well up and begin to flow when i think about you leaving this world... i know you will remain a legend just for who you were, and you definately was my generations Marilyn Monroe... why is it all of the beautiful Blonde Bombshells leave far to soon... God please look over Dannilynne and make sure whoever gets custody treats that child like the perfect little PRINCESS that she is... All of this news has just broke my heart... Ive been a total wreck... yesterday on the way to work i was driving and i broke into tears thinking about your passing... you will truly be missed on this realm...
Sorrowfully saying goodbye for now my beautiful blonde idol...
Constance Lee Stone

Thursday, February 08, 2007

feb 8th... a very sad day...Anna Nicole Smith Dead

Today i really don't have much strength to blog, and sorry i havent blogged since sunday... but today i heard the news that knocked me for a loop, going to shock to disbelief and then to sobbing tears as i dealt with the news that my hero had died... RIP Anna Nicole Smith... i truly love you... you were an inspirations to all of us sister Blonde Bombshells... you will truly be missed... since the weekend is coming upon us... expect a weekend long tribute to Anna Nicole Smith... she came from a small little town in texas and made a name for herself... my heart truly feels so empty right now i must go...
sadly yours

Saturday, February 03, 2007

busy day...

just to blog a bit... today has been a busy one... just now have time to set down... got up about ten am... then had breakfast buffet with my friend/roommate... then we went to turn in applications for a new apartment... went cruizin and then went to see what was supposed to be a scary movie... it had some suspensful moments... but nothing really jump out of your chair moments except once... the movie was called The Messengers, which could have been called the Birds 2... since they had attacking crows... save your money on this movie and rent it when it comes out on dvd... its an ok movie... but i wanted to be scared more if i was going to a scary movie... i dont go to many so i had high hopes of bein skeered... but alas... i wasnt overly frightened... and nine bucks for the ticket and 20 dollars for nachos popcorn m&m's and two sodas... can you say this slowly with me...HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!! A movie thats not that good, makes you think twice about going to see another movie... ok well enough about me for a moment... need to find some reasons to keep you hooked on my mess of my so called life...
insightfully yours

Friday, February 02, 2007

a quick search for a DIVA

gettin ready to head to bed... but couldnt help myself and had to search for the Diva of the Day for my blog... now i know this will be posted with a friday time stamp but i havent went to bed yet so i count this as still thursday... let me find some diva's for you... hope you have a wonderful friday...
giving you the best of my love

i love this video from RuPaul... People are People... such a good message... goes along with my message... remember, we are all in this together... treat everyone with kindness and love

a preview of the upcoming movie Starbooty Reloaded

lookin good and feelin gorgeous

and we cannot forget our Goddess of makeover magic... she has always inspired me

has anyone heard this song? History by Madonna

a remix of the Power of Goodbye... and now its time to say goodnite and sweet dreams to you all...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

the Late Edition... your web mistress

yeah... running a bit late on todays edition... and need to get to bed soon... was bit of a dissapointing day... but this blog isnt that personal... so i might post about it on my other blog... but this blog is much more fun than the other... and the other isnt to deep and self reflecting... sometimes its purely shallow and farsighted... but hey... it was how i felt at the time so i always want to express it just as it really is... the real truth... the whole truth and nothing but the truth... and know that i can definately do some ramblings if i want to but wouldnt you be really suprized that no matter how many twists and turns are thrown into the pyschotic mess you will find that it all leads to one place... the end of the story... but half the fun is building it up so it makes more sense with the point that you were getting to... the only thing is... sometimes i start telling, get lost, and then forget what im talking about... i hate when that happens... but hey what can a gurl do? any ideas? email me at or visit my myspace page at and drop me a message would love to hear from you and would be proud to have you added as a friend on my myspace page... just shoot me an email and let me know if you read it here...

is porn really bad?

these two men seem to think so... just got done watching a news story on youtube about internet porn... and how it leads to worse things like extra marital affairs... well maybe if their partner was keeping the fires warm at home they wouldnt have been strayin in the first place... but what can you do... as you know i have nothing against porn... i think its hot... sexy, and a fun pasttime... does that make me a sex addict? Sure I am... Am i a bad person? NO... so there you have it... if you wanna flog your log, sometimes imagination just doesnt cut it... and a little visual stimulation always helps... but to be fair... im going to post their feelings on the matter... but you can bet up above im posting some porn... can't wait to pick out the subject today... but as a clue... lets just say GH... and no gurl... im not talkin bout General Hospital... kisses Constance