Monday, February 19, 2007

the court battle begins tomorrow... remembering Anna continues

well have been bomb barded with different news reports...Anna is being embalmed.but they had to switch the embalmers at the last minute because the previous funeral home never signed the confidentuality agreement but they claimed that they didn't want to be held liable if any of the procedures went wrong... and rightfully so because she had been kept in the refidgerator all that time at the morgue... so another group of embalmers came in and performed the over 3 hour job... but after they were searched for any cameras or recording devices... the battle continues about whether Anna will be buried in Texas or in the Bahama's by her son...they better let her be buried by her son Daniel, watching Anna news on FOX now...
they are talking about Anna on Drugs now... and Anna's friend Jackie Hatten... she is blaming Howard, saying that they have never had sexual relations... so if that is true... then baby girl Dannielynn is not Howard's daughter... Howard you did this...what did you do to my son? was what she was saying that orderlies were sayin? im glad im not one of those court room typers or i would definately be fired by now... i guess my mind would have to be following the words carefully... so well... guess im going to have to post some tributes to the beautiful blonde angel who is now in heaven watching over us all... we love you Anna

hope i havent posted it before, but maybe...

dont think i have this one

and another

anna doing an insurance commercial

an Anna and Daniel tribute

good by Vicky Lynn

a trimspa commercial

anna's cousin shelly

the tragic end brought to you by E! pt 1 searching for part two now

dont know if this is it or not... but thought i would share it too

from access hollywood

from nbc news

from Mad TV anna spoof... i love you anna you know i do... but i liked that you always made me laugh and smile... thats important and thats what stephanie weir did whenever she portrayed you on tv
imitation is the best form of flattery... i know im flattered whenever someone tells me i look like you...
well going to look for more parts to the blog
love you anna

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