Sunday, February 11, 2007

Searching for more tributes to share...Remembering Anna...

i think that it is really horrible that Anna's body cannot be put to its final resting place for ten days... are they fucking stupid... get them a DNA sample from Anna and let that beautiful woman be buried in peace instead of being locked up in a refridgerator... im sure that who gets to bury the body will be another fight all together... May you rest in peace you beautiful blonde... until Anna is buried... im going to continue honoring her, by finding various pieces from youtube, the tribute that had Evanessence's song along with it no longer exists? i was told this by a friend and bein from Missouri and all i had to see it for myself since we have this SHOW ME thing goin on... and yep... it doesnt work... hopefully there are some other beautiful fan tributes to share... RIP ANNA... i will always love you

an Anna tribute done to bittersweet symphony

forgot what this one was because already started searching for this next one and you know i can't remember some things for very long... but hope you enjoyed it too...

i think this one was when Anna was sayin how Sexy Regis Philbin is... you have to admit, love her or hate her, Anna was good Television
gonna go eat... im hungry talk at you laterz... kisses...C

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