Thursday, February 15, 2007

one week later... my tribute to Anna continues

its been a week to the day that we have lost our beautiful Anna Nicole Smith, a treasure that can never be replaced... in Anna news today... they are fighting over who is going to be in control of burying Anna... Anna bought four burial plots in the Bahama's and that is where Daniel is buried, Anna wanted to be buried with Daniel...but her mother, whom Anna has been estranged from for years, is trying to get control over the body to have her buried in Texas, if that would happen that would be a huge tragedy to not let her have her final wish to be buried by her son... lets all pray that she gets to be buried where she wanted to be buried...

proof Anna does not want her mother to have anything to do with her

Anna Nicole Mad TV skit... hilarious

tribute for Anna, using Elvis's song You were always on my mind

another fan tribute

Anna and her men... set to Madonna's Live to Tell

another fan tribute
well sweeties... its time for me to get my sleepy ass to bed... at least tomorrow is Friday!!! whooo hoooo
all my love
miss you Anna

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