Wednesday, November 28, 2007

today was Anna's birthday... she would have been 40

someone sent me an anna tribute picture on MySpace today... i burst out in tears... I miss you so much...
My Heart Belongs to Anna

ill never ever forget you, even if i have amnesia

Saturday, November 24, 2007

O L I V I A Christmas on My Radio

O L I V I A everytime it snows with Jon Secada

Olivia Newton-John A Mother's Christmas Wish

ITs BRITNEY BiTcH!!! Gimme More...

im glad Britney's back on top... you go girl... im behind you all the way, your new cd... awesome... every track sensational pop... because you are the princess...

rachel vs justine

Bad Cecile or good Cecile? you decide

whats a girl to do when she needs money to pay off her loan sharks, have her daughter kidnapped and held for ransom of course... but the plan backfired... and Maggie turned the tables on her scheming mother

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Favourite New CD's

wow... DIVA's galore in order of release dates, and purchaces... first there was Debbie Harry Necessary Evil... a wonderful new cd... my favourite tracks? Two Times Blue, Dirty and Deep, Charm Alarm, hell i love the whole CD... go out and purchase it

next cd purchaced was the fabulous, infamous, miss american dream since she was 17... Its Britney Bitch!!! Spears BLACKOUT!!!... I'm sorry, but I love her... I can pull my hair off and utter the line... Its Britney Bitch... the whole cd is a pure pop delight... favourites? Toy Soldiers, Gimme More, Heaven on Earth... the whole CD is awesome... just when everyone thought Britney's career is over... in your face...

next in order of release date, but not by favourites or this would have to be at the top of the list, Olivia Newton-John Christmas Wish, a beautiful new holiday CD produced by Amy Sky... Georgeous CD... favourites? Everytime It Snows, Christmas Wish, Christmas on My Radio... I love this whole cd too

and my latest CD purchace? Celine Dion! I usually buy some of her CD's and have a couple of songs that I enjoy, but never want to listen to the whole CD again... But this one is different... Celine has taken Rock with a new sound... it is a cd that i could listen to over and over again... she amazed me with this one... she even remade Heart's Alone... Favourites? Taking Chances, which is the title track, and also really like Alone... have only had the CD for two days so i dont know the other tracks names... but its definately worth buying...

hope you have enjoyed my report on new music... above here... i am going to see if i can find videos from each of the artist to share the love... i love music... it brings the people together...


and because I missed you so much...

while I was away...

i didnt mean to keep you waiting for what was actually months between posts? i so sowwy... there have been a few connie appearences in the month of october, because there was pride, then there was the satuday before halloween, and then there was halloween... and halloween i had aquired a few different looks that day... will share them all soon... but for now... here's my favourite! My spin on the whole JUST SAY... and you know i can never say no... but maybe if there weren't so many taken, my IDOL Anna Nicole Smith would still be here with us today!!! and could be a mom to her beautiful daughter... I miss her so much

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

im back

thought this was a very PRIDEful video