Monday, March 19, 2007

Secret Confidentiality

all i can say is that i auditioned for a role in an upcoming movie and i got the part!!! whooo hoooo... wish me luck...
love Connie

WONDER WOMAN #10 cover

the solicitations for June have been posted for DC Comics and the new cover for Wonder Woman #10 have been posted... hope you like... its by Terry and Rachel Dodson... ive loved having them on the book... it almost made me be able to look past the lateness caused by Allen Heinberg... ALMOST!!! BUT NOT QUITE...
love to all

Sunday, March 18, 2007

random thoughts

i just have to say that i really like this blog so much better than the original blog i started on AOL because i love having the fact that i can save and share favorite video finds that i find out while browsing thru youtube... wish there was a way to take all the info from previous aol blogs and backdate it on here but alas i know im not smart enough for that one... my friend just told me the other day that the way those tributes were all made was by using Power Point... which i was stupid and said that i didnt need it added on my Dell because whatever would i need that for... and every since then i still have to kick myself because i do not have it... oh well what can you do... just wanted to mention that my regular... original website that is an aol site... the addy is... is going thru another overhaul... just changing things up because change is supposed to be good for you... after the death of Anna my world has been kinda in chaos... if you remember it began last summer when i had to go to another project at work without much of a choice, was scared to death of the test... but i actually passed the test, but that nite the real test began when i came home and there was a message on machine to let me know that my best friend had passed away in San Diego... the next morning my car wouldnt start... so transportation issues irrupted causing me to loose my bus virginity... but it wasnt as bad as i thought... also my roommate upstairs was giving me rides to work, but then he had a stroke... so his son came out, brought out his truck and motorcycle, and said that i could use the truck to get back and forth to work... he was like my Godsend... Thank you Tommy... then he decided that he wanted to get a 2006 truck, and was going to trade in the truck and they were only going to give him 3000 for it... and he said for that much he would rather me have it than the dealership... so with some assistance, money was gotten together... and i was now the proud owner of a 2002 truck...low mileage... i did very well for myself... and then as fate would have it... it was going to hurl another twist of fate at me as news came around soon after that the owner of the house that i had resided in for over four year sent out letters letting us know that we had 60 days to move out because the house had been sold and they were bulldozing it down and turning it into a parking lot... well that day my dear friend Chris offered me a place to live... so it made it a little less traumatic... so i moved in with him... we lived in a huge one bedroom apartment, we each had our own bed in there... then it came to moving time... there were a few little problems that arose during this time but in the end we got into a new apt in the same complex... its a one bedroom with den... we moved in on March 8th... One month after my hero Anna Nicole Smith had passed away... i think thru her death it allowed me to get alot of tears out that needed to come out that were blocked inside because i was trying to remain strong thru all that bullshit and there is only so much one person can take... and look at everything Anna had went thru in her life... and she kept smiling thru the pain... at least now she is in a better place... sending you and Daniel and my dear friend Seth a hello and love up there and know that your all in a much better place up there... its like you always said Anna... Shit Happens and then you live... that so sucks but its usually the truth... anyho... for awhile the website was going to be a vivid baby blue with sunflowers photoshopped to be a yellow green... and the theme was going to be "All the pain that love can bring" with reference being to the fact of how much it hurts to loose someone that you truly love was the spin that i was thinking on it... but... as more time went on... i decided to go with another theme... thru hell and back with hope... so the hell was basically everything that i went thru since last summer... and i feel like im back now in a new place with a new start and there is HOPE that I might make a return to the spotlight... and if i would ever hear anything about the part that i auditioned for, the role of the Cincinnati Whore , which is a role in a horror film... and maybe a return to the stage... but if i come back to the stage... i want to have something to say... a platform... or could just being a BLONDE BOMBSHELL be enough of a platform to stand on? just wondering and glad you could make it thru this ending to this randomless thought brought to you today by none other than your own web mistress...
love ya...

Anna tribute video...

scenes from Entertainment Tonite's coverage of Anna Nicole's funeral set to the music by the Police... Every Breath i believe is the name of the song...

Anna's mom Vergie speaks at the funeral... havent watched this yet but will check it out tomorrow... gettin pretty tired... sweet dreams babies... all my love to you

a tribute to Marilyn to the tune of Hard Candy Christmas

wow... just posted a Dolly video... and then was searching thru Marilyn and here's a tribute to Marilyn using Dolly's Hard Candy Christmas... i have always loved this song...
all my love

Marilyn doing My Heart belongs to Daddy

have recently posted Anna's remixed version of the song... but in case your wondering about the original... here it is... enjoy it in all the fabulousness that Marilyn possesses...

Kylie doing Marilyn ala Diamonds

they are a girls best friend aren't they Kylie? Hell i dont care, give me rhinestones if you want... cuz then i expect you to be to afford lots more baubles for me... hee hee... LOL love to all... constance

Dolly Remix

was still awake and surfin youtube... and found a remix of Dolly Parton's Jolene...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

because it was so fun...

bringing you the momma mia/mommy dearest remix edit... i will always beat you... quote from the movie... Why cant you give me the respect that im entitled to? another classic line... enjoy... a DIVA gone mad!!!

well its been awhile

its been awhile since ive posted i know... but it has taken me awhile to get over the passing of my Hero Anna Nicole Smith... and after that i did have to deal with a move... wasnt to far... just a bigger place in the same apartment complex... so thats my excuse and im stickin to it... and even though i lost one hero, i still have this amazing hero shown in this video i found listed on the DC Comics message board and i thought i really must share my find...
all my love

Monday, March 05, 2007

new photoshoot...

new pictures of me i wanted to share... they are from the nite that i had my first movie audition... wish me luck and hope you enjoy the new pics
all my love

Friday, March 02, 2007

Rest In Peace Anna

some final tribute videos as i can finally stop the video tribute to Anna now that she is finally being laid to rest... you will make a truly beautiful angel in the Heavens... I will never forget you... you are truly missed

found this on youtube... thanks to all who put these beautiful tributes to Anna on Youtube... will someone show me how to do this... i would love it... this video is entitled ANNA NICOLE SMITH: THE REMEMBRENCE... truly touching... and if you missed it check out the one i found yesterday that was done to Mariah Carey's i cant live... awww it made my heart break to pieces all over again...

The Glamourous Life of Anna Nicole Smith... featuring the Glamourous Life by Fergie? i believe? let me check... yep... its Fergie... i might have to check out her CD

breaking news of when it was first reported about Anna collapsing from wbtj news? is that in Miami?

Judge Judy discussing with Larry King that she is suspicious that murder has been involved...she thinks its all pretty skeptical...i have my questions to... but at least she has finally been laid to rest... May God and the Angels welcome you with open arms...
will post some burial news later today... but to leave you another tribute

all my love and you will always be in my heart Anna... i so wish i could have truly known you... but now i'll never have the chance... gotta go for now the tears are starting again... Constance

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Finally some closure is coming for the Beautiful Anna Nicole Smith, as i just seen a news brief on one of the 24 hour news channels that she is going to be buried in the Bahamas tomorrow... and the funeral colors? PINK!!! you go girl... i only wish i could be there... i would probably be on top of her casket sobbing... i will really miss you you beautiful bubbly blonde... you will always be in my heart... my inspiration... may you finally rest in peace by Daniel, and I pray that your daughter gets the best of care and is truly loved by whoever gets custody of the precious baby girl... all my love...

another Anna tribute

the verdict? i guess from last friday?

beautiful tribute i found on youtube... this one is set to Mariah Carey's Can't Live...

scene from the Anna Nicole Show

another music filled Anna tribute i found on youtube
all my love Anna