Friday, March 02, 2007

Rest In Peace Anna

some final tribute videos as i can finally stop the video tribute to Anna now that she is finally being laid to rest... you will make a truly beautiful angel in the Heavens... I will never forget you... you are truly missed

found this on youtube... thanks to all who put these beautiful tributes to Anna on Youtube... will someone show me how to do this... i would love it... this video is entitled ANNA NICOLE SMITH: THE REMEMBRENCE... truly touching... and if you missed it check out the one i found yesterday that was done to Mariah Carey's i cant live... awww it made my heart break to pieces all over again...

The Glamourous Life of Anna Nicole Smith... featuring the Glamourous Life by Fergie? i believe? let me check... yep... its Fergie... i might have to check out her CD

breaking news of when it was first reported about Anna collapsing from wbtj news? is that in Miami?

Judge Judy discussing with Larry King that she is suspicious that murder has been involved...she thinks its all pretty skeptical...i have my questions to... but at least she has finally been laid to rest... May God and the Angels welcome you with open arms...
will post some burial news later today... but to leave you another tribute

all my love and you will always be in my heart Anna... i so wish i could have truly known you... but now i'll never have the chance... gotta go for now the tears are starting again... Constance

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