Friday, August 08, 2008

ok yeah so its been a long time...

but i wanted to take the time and show what I've been up to... so below you can see most of 8 boxes that I have painted so far... will be working on more definately, and my next plan will be to see about selling them on EBAY... wish me luck! just wanted to pop in and send my love... and let you know i haven't fallen off of the end of the world or anything...

As you know I have given birth to a baby gurl on April 20, 2008. Although the videos claimed that she was sent off to a boarding school, (and thats only because its what I wanted released to the Media) but actually I kept my baby, and when I returned from the states to my home in the island country of Tanquir, the baby was kidnapped, i believe by the group that is trying to overthrow the government of Tanquir, and put an end to my reign as their Queen... but I have a few aces up my sleeve, so don't you loose any kind of sleep worrin about lil ol me!!! As for Hanna Monroe, i hear that she is doing well, as my informants are keeping me posted on my baby... but really... its kind of like a blessing as it is free day care right? at least someone else is changing the shitty diapers right? We'll get her back... I have my Secret Council looking into the best way stratigically to get her back... So she can spend a little time with Mummy before going away to the boarding schools...

Well gotta run, as the Secret Council keeps calling... when are they going to learn, if i don't answer the first time, im sure as hell not going to answer on the 18th time either... LOL you would think i would be smart enough to just turn off the phone...


Connie's Christmas Balls... so far 2008

Box 1

box 2

Box 3

Box 4

Box 5

Box 6

Box 7 Lil Connie as Wonder Woman!!!

Box 8 Lil Connie does the Justice League!!!