Sunday, February 25, 2007

Red Carpet Fashions for Oscars

watching the live coverage of the Red Carpet on E! and i decided that i would post a little bit of coverage on the fashions coming from the Red Carpet from the Oscars... i actually just seen Reese Witherspoon in a beautiful purplish plum gown... i forgot who they said designed it now... but im going to do a search and see if i can find a photo of her wearing this dress... My roommate just changed it over to the channel that the oscars are actually on... we just got done eating some Oscar pizza from Papa John's pizza... i had the regular sauce replaced with bbq sauce, cuz their regular pizza sauce gives me the runs... LOL hows that... a blurb about Oscar fashions even includes talk of bowel movements... only in my blog can you find such honesty... Wow.... just looked up and Nicole Kidman looked fabulous in that vivid Red gown... missed who the designer was... does that surprize you?
well i have to mention, Beyonce's mint green dress was pretty... just tried googling Oscar fashions and didnt see anything that made me want to search further... maybe i just don't know the exact secrets of the correct searching methods to add more power to my searches... so alas... for this post i will include a photo of myself... hope you like... whatever shall i choose? am working on updating my Aol website... this was an idea for the lead picture... but its missing something... so it might remain as an unused creation... but at least i can share it here... hope you enjoy...
love alway

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