Thursday, February 22, 2007

Anna to be buried in Bahamas

came home from work today and found out the announcement had been made today that Anna was going to be buried in the Bahamas although according to sources, Vergie Authur is trying to contest the decision first thing in the morning, because as you remember, she wants Anna to be buried in Texas, and wants to have Daniels body exhumed and moved to Texas as well

anna lashes out at her mother on ET

Anna on her mother... they should show this to whoever is dealing with the appeal and just take a look at Vergie and tell her no...

a tribute to Anna... i love searching youtube you can find almost anything... if anyone wants to come and show me how to do all this i would love to make youtube videos too... can you imagine? lil ol me a star on youtube... could be the start to my own reality comedy show... you never know... you know you want to do it... cum show me...
kisses and all my love
your Mistress Constance

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