Thursday, February 01, 2007

the Late Edition... your web mistress

yeah... running a bit late on todays edition... and need to get to bed soon... was bit of a dissapointing day... but this blog isnt that personal... so i might post about it on my other blog... but this blog is much more fun than the other... and the other isnt to deep and self reflecting... sometimes its purely shallow and farsighted... but hey... it was how i felt at the time so i always want to express it just as it really is... the real truth... the whole truth and nothing but the truth... and know that i can definately do some ramblings if i want to but wouldnt you be really suprized that no matter how many twists and turns are thrown into the pyschotic mess you will find that it all leads to one place... the end of the story... but half the fun is building it up so it makes more sense with the point that you were getting to... the only thing is... sometimes i start telling, get lost, and then forget what im talking about... i hate when that happens... but hey what can a gurl do? any ideas? email me at or visit my myspace page at and drop me a message would love to hear from you and would be proud to have you added as a friend on my myspace page... just shoot me an email and let me know if you read it here...

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