Sunday, February 11, 2007

more sudsy DRAMA's

well the thing that i like about my daytime drama's is they are just that... they are drama's and no one really gets hurt, no one is really dying... and if they do they can bring them back from the dead... just concoct a plausible explanation of where they were during all of this time... and we daytime viewers are expected to suspend belief and be awstricken when they come back from beyond the grave... if i could i would resurrect Anna... and sometimes on Soaps they are unable to resurrect a charachter from the great beyond because they have died in real life and so therefore it makes it impossible to bring that actor back to play the character, but if its a beloved character, such as Mac Cory on Another World who was portrayed by Douglas Watson, a recast would have been totally unacceptable... and since soaps imitate life... a funeral brings great drama and many tears... ive had almost to much drama since the passing of Anna... but im making it thru the best way i can...
enjoy my drama pics...

Rachel as she moves on without Mac, with the song Landslide

a tribute to Rachel Cory from Another World... and thats all for the Suds corner today

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