Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Queen

can't forget the queen... i have to say i love coming home from a long day at work and see what the Queen has posted in her blog... today she has posted lyrics to one of her songs from the upcoming new album that has been leaked from someone at Warner Brothers... and if you haven't figured out who the Queen is... she is none other than the one named wonder... MADONNA (duh) her blog if you wanna check it out is www.madonnasthoughts.blogspot.com liked the little snippet i heard, and it made me go browsing thru google video and youtube i guess and found a few pieces of EXCELLENCE from the Queen...


Madonna performing Sooner or Later on the Oscars

and this video... is set to Madonna's Forbidden Love from the Confessions CD, but it seems to be put together by someone who has a Jake Gyllenhaal fetish... he's hot... enjoy the eye candy... even though we all know that the Queen is sexier!!!

and the last video i have found is set to Madonna's Waiting (Pussy mix) but im waiting to see why they call it pussy mix... i know the song ends with and the next time you want pussy... just look in the mirror baby... that song awoken my sexuality... actually the whole Erotica CD did, it was around the time that i first really began my exploration of my sexuality and coming to terms with who i am.... but i wanna tell you a secret... im still coming to terms with everything... its a silent process, but hey somebody has to deal with it... next post i promise to post pictures of the Princess... who is that you wonder? well if your reading this now you already have went past the answer... to bad i can't think backwards huh?

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