Sunday, July 22, 2007

RIP Tammy Faye Bakker

a little late on this posting, but i didnt find out until yesterday that sweet beautiful Tammy Faye had passed away... she was such a truly vibrant person that spread love to everyone she met, and dealt with everything with such dignity and faith in God... ive been searching thru Youtube and am going to post some Tammy Faye tributes in rememberance of such a beautiful person. Rest in peace dear Tammy, your makeup was so beautiful... because your beauty from within made it transcend your lovely personality... you will be truly missed...

below is an interview with Tammy

a make up lesson from Tammy

an afternoon at the swapmeet with Tammy Faye

another Tammy tribute

may you rest in peace you beautiful angel... you are in a much better place now, in this world your sunshine will be truly missed... my only regret is i never had the pleasure of meeting you, but my dear friend Kathryn, you asked her if she would be your friend... so just know darlin... any friend of Kathryn's is a friend of mine, so i feel in that way, we were connected...

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