Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Comics... Wonder Woman & Wonder Girl...

im really sad that the Wonder Girl mini is over... I hope J Torres gets to write more for the Wonder Family... he is a great story teller... speaking of story tellers... Gail Simone just finished a four issue arc on Wonder Woman that was entitled The Circle, and I have to say... Gail can write Wonder Woman for as long as she wants, she gives us the Diana that we want... we want her strong, smart, courageous, and I LOVE DIANA PRINCE being back... I love Nemisis, Wonder Woman is what I've always known that she should be... SEXY... and in to Diana it is unknowing... she just is, and the chemistry between Tom and Diana... even the apes could smell the chemistry... Gail's next arc will take Diana into space!!! after the space arc, we are going to be presented with a new regular artist on the series... I will miss the Dodson's, but as i have always learned with life... things change... LOL

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