Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Backwoods Barbie, new album by Dolly Parton

just wanted to say, i went to Wal-Mart at six am this morning... and of course they could not find the new releases... never fails, so i advised the woman... find it... poor thing, she was nice and she was bring up cart after cart, and it was nowhere, so i was browsing around the area, and seen more boxes in another place... and bingo... there it was, not yet out on the shelves... i have one complaint for Wal-Mart, when your closed all nite, and have stockers, have someone take care of the new releases, cd's and dvd's, some people really enjoy new release day... it can be magical, or dreadful... and when i get a new release at Wal-Mart, the experience is always dreadful... and today was pretty much the same... come on wal-mart, get everything out on time... anyway... the reason for heading to Wal-Mart... Why it was Dolly Parton's new CD Backwoods Barbie, i love the title track, but as with any Dolly Parton CD, each song is enjoyable... I have loved Dolly Parton since I was a wee one... but my friend Seth loved her even more... Dolly was to him what Olivia is to me... so I have been definately thinking about my dear friend as I'm listening to Dolly's brilliant new CD!!! Way to go Dolly, a Fabulous collection of ear candy... Dolly I will always love you...

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