Sunday, January 28, 2007

tabloid headline news...

Just a quick blurb about the rich and the famous... the people who have more money than God... if you hear me... adopt me... ive been a good lil gurl this year... i would be a really good assistant... show me into a brand new world... i adapt pretty well... give me a movie role and even better... I'm almost ready for my close up Mr. DeMill... back to the matter at hand... who's making headlines... whats Paris done now? Let me go browse my way thru those all important headlines... the ones you really want to know about... and for those who are tired of all of our village idiots antics with his control of power... cant someone impeach him already? Don't get me started, now where was I? oh yes... thats what i like about these blogs is you have to start out with the title... and if im lucky enuff i will pick a title that will keep me clued into the matter at hand... and no im not doin that so get yur lil mind outta the gutter... brb... going to do some celebrity reporting... My sympathy's go out to dear Angelina Jolie... as i was doing some skimming of the headlines i seen that her mother had passed away... and up in the AOL headlines... someone had a blog that Brad and Angelina's relationship is in trouble... but please papparazzi... give Angelina some time to grieve for her loss and leave her alone to deal with this... it should be dealt with as a private matter... as much as i wold love fame... yes i even to would crave a personal moment... but ive had plenty of those and im ready to trade them all in for fame... but as Madonna said... it all became a silly game... (from A Substitute for Love) Back TO THE HEADLINES!!! LINDSEY OUT OF REHAB AGAIN... Ok... so she's out of Rehab and she's working on her movie... as long as she is getting constant supervision to make sure that she is getting the help that she needs to help her face her problems and is recieving help from the Rehab establishment to face her inner demons inside... all the while acting like a TRUE DIVA having her hair stylists, make up artist and even massueaur come and take care of her in the facility... i knew i liked this girl... even way back when i first seen her on ANOTHER WORLD!!! AND BACK THRU THE NEWS I GO!!! BIG SHOUT OUT TO ROSIE O'DONNELL!!! I LOVE YOU SISTER... Just went checking on Rosie's blog and she had the most wonderful things on there... a picture with all these signs to impeach Bush for war crimes!!! Im going to post her statement here... you can also visit Rosie's Blog at:
Rosie said "Keep up the impeachment talk! I am behind you 100%.
It is okay to try to impeach someone for lying about a
private matter that is the sole business of 3 people,
but it…ISN’T??.. for someone who started a false
war, lied about the reasons, has slaughtered some many
innocent Iraqis, burned their homes, hospitals,
schools, sent thousands of Americans to their death.
Thousands more maimed. This war has plunged the U.S
into insurmountable debts. Debts so huge that now the
U.S. government has to BORROW money just to pay the
INTEREST on the debt, just to finance this “battle
against terrorists” All of this…against the will
and desires of the very people he has sworn to serve!" end of Rosie's statement... I so agree with you honey... all the way and by 100%
I want Hillary for President in 2008 but how bout Rosie in 2016? if Hillary serves a two run term... but im all up for it... this has been the news for sunday evening in the mind of a blonde... hope it was comprehendable...
Much Love and Sweet Dreams and dont let the bedbugs bite..

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