Wednesday, January 31, 2007

need a Wonder fix...

ok ok... so im not doing well on the Wonder Woman front... yes i will survive, but without going into badmouthing Mr. Allen Heinberg again... im just gonna say... Feb. 21st cant come fast enough... definately going thru my Wonder Woman withdrawls... so here are a few items of amazing Wonder... enjoy

Bullets & Bracelets... The Tournament to find the Amazon that is strong and wise enough to take Steve Trevor back to the world of men, after he crashed on the shores of Paradise Island, nursed back to health by the beautiful Princess Diana, the woman the world would one day know as WONDER WOMAN... as portrayed in the 70's tv show by beautiful Lynda Carter

ok, maybe this Wonder Woman is not as beautiful as Aphrodite... but not everyone can be as pretty as us huh Diana... LOL jk... i loved this... it was cute

in Wonder Woman's first season it was set in 1941, this was when she first got her costume...

scene where Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman is given the Wonder Woman costume after winning the tournament, this is set in the 1970, notice the difference in the breast plate... hope you enjoyed the WW feature... i needed that!!!
remember... we are all in this together... love one another

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