Saturday, January 27, 2007

about the author...

the author of this blog would like to give out a shout to anyone who might stop by and read the ramblings of a crazy blonde gurl... some pictures are meant to stimulate interests in my blog... hope you like and you do not find offensive... just remember, this blog is for adults only... tis not for the faint at heart... also this blog will explore some of my favourite things so we can have a chance to get to know each other even better... i am originally from Missery... oops i meant Missouri... always get them so cornfused because they run together hand in hand... actually in missouris defense... it is beautiful to be able to watch the four seasons change... here in Tucson arizona there usually isnt to much change at all.... but i have to report that sometime this last week it actually snowed here... its just a sign that the world is coming to an end when hell begins to freeze over... more about me... incase you havent figured it out... im not a true girl... cuz i have a suprize down below... and it happens to be my friend its not goin anywhere... currently single and probably lookin for love in all the wrong places but what is a gurl to do... anyone have any solutions? now down to the next order of business... how could i get viewers to my blog? tell all your friends... as long as they are above 18 and know how not to be a prude... i know im not... LOL chow for now...mwah Constance

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