Monday, January 29, 2007

Want to Sparkle?

ever been looking for that perfect sequin gown and just can't find what you want? Or really can't just think of what to buy me that will make my eyes sparkle?.. why you can buy me a sequin gown of course!!! or buy one for yourself if you must... but the best website i have found to browse for gowns is (and remember this blonde don't know nuffin about no hyperlinks so be sure and cut and paste this link... it will be worth your time... truly amazing gowns for the gurl or girl who like to sparkle... so be a good little queen and earn your gowns... wink
so for a GLAMOUROUS evening out, whether to a FANCY dinner party, or a FABULOUS nite at the club... Sequin Queen has something to catch the sparkle in any Queens eye... take notice boys... i don't know about the rest of the queens, but Mum always taught me how to earn diamonds... i go and figure that earning sequin dresses can be done in the same way... unbutton your fly guy... and give me some cash... don't ask why, i need a dress to go to this bash... i guess i should stop now with my rhymes with no reason... don't you wish you had the hottest of the season... Love&Light C

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