Wednesday, January 31, 2007

its time for a little dose of DRAMA

and not the real life kind either... give me a moment as i dig into the youtube vault and search for a couple of treasures to excite your evening... and take you back to yesteryear when he did that to her before she told him that she slept with his boyfriend before she found out that it was really his mothers husband that she had done, but she was totally oblivious because she was whacked out on pain pills and flushing it down with bourbon...? sound cornfusing? maybe... and has that storyline ever happened on a soap, probably... but as long as the chemistry is correct things can sizzle, and when they are bad, they will fizzle and soon the actor is replaced or let go... enjoy the evil deliciousness of it all darlings...
Madame C

don't let the devil get ahold of you or you might look a mess...

more possession for your viewing pleasure

and just a bit more... included in this one is Stephano and Celeste...
hope you enjoyed... tune in tomorrow for some more Drama flashbacks in Thru the Purple Haze

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