Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wonder Woman Delayed yet AGAIN!!!

Just wanted to take the time to report that Wonder Woman #4 has been delayed for at least the fifth time now if not more... it has been since june since we got issue number one... and since then... we have had two more issues... thats three issues of Wonder Woman in an eight month period... never in all my years of reading Wonder Woman has there been this much of a gap between issues because the writer of the comic has actually bit off more than he can chew and is putting his priorities in the wrong order... get your issues done so we can move on with a writer who understands deadlines and adheres to them... lets welcome best selling author Jodi Piccoult to the writing reins for Wonder Woman... i hope if Heinberg can't get his issues out on time... they still release Jodi's as scheduled to smear the poo in his face for his treatment of my favourite Super Heroine... i do give credit where credit is due... and the story is very good... but its not so good that its excuseable to allow so much of a gap between issues... i hope DC has learned their lesson and will never allow this person to touch Wonder Woman again... they relaunched her at a new number one... and at first the excitement had all built up... but then the constant delays.. im tired of it... get him out of the game... find a competent writer to finish it up and lets move on... im sure ABC wouldnt handle things so nicely if he wasnt keeping up with his scripting of Greys anatomy and kept lagging behind... and to top it off...he finds time to get on My Space... stay off there til you have all your shit done... you have really really really dissapointed some Wonder Woman fans out there...Shame on you Mr. Heinberg... you started with lots of fanfare... but with all these delays... you almost make this fan not care... learn how to adhere to deadlines next time is all i have to say!!!

so mad i could spit

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