Sunday, April 01, 2007

sorry its been so long...

nothing new to report really... havent got any juicy info about the movie and when i get it i can't share it... but it would be really nice just to know... going to be working tuesday with my friend Karen on a new outfit... should be exciting... its gold stretch fabric and for a jacket i have a strawberry fabric with gold confetti... should look very colorful and whorish dont you think? hope all is well with everyone... lets take a look and see what drama we can dig up from youtube to add a bit of drama to your life ...
your diva of drama

Hope above a vat of acid when she "DIED" during the Cruise of Deception

Hope is transformed into Princess Gina

what led up to Maggie's murder during the Salem Serial Killer Mystery... but noone really died...whew

another Salem Serial Killer of the whole mystery set to Madonna's Hung Up remix... enjoy!!

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