Sunday, April 29, 2007

ok... its been awhile...

well... not alot has happened really except for an incident of a total mind erase done on saturday april 21st... i was supposed to perform for a friend of mine's benefit to raise money for her to go on to a bigger pagent... well... i had a little mishap and had one mind eraser to many so i guess needless to say i didnt make it out that nite... the last time i remember it was 6:50 pm... guess i should watch those... in other news i was going to work the other morning and went out to my vehichle and seen that someone had punched out my drivers side window... i guess they were trying to steal my stereo but they didnt get it... so i had to miss a day of work to get it fixed... other than that not much else has happened... sending you all my love

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