Saturday, August 26, 2006

Secret Identities are back for Wonder Woman!!!

if you remember the Wonder Woman from the 70's when Lynda Carter wore the famous star spangled satin tights... or the Wonder Woman who first came to be in 1941 fighting the Nazi's of World War II then you probably remember that she had a secret identity as well... Diana Prince! well since DC comics had Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985 to celebrate their 50th Anniversary... they sent Princess Diana back thru time, becoming the clay that she was molded from and she never existed... then Wonder Woman was rebooted by the fabulous George Perez... I really liked his version... except there were just a few elements missing from this reboot... first, there was a Steve Trevor... but he was much older than our princess, so she never had a love interest almost thru out her whole second series... another element that was missing was the secret identity of Diana Prince... Diana was always either Princess Diana, ambassador of peace from Themyscira or Wonder Woman... she never really got the chance to experience the world of men as a regular woman would... thus denying her the chance to be a real woman... Well 20 years after COIE (crisis on infinite earths) DC had another crisis... this time aptly called Infinite Crisis... all of the multiple earths from various dimensions were merged together and a new earth emerged... Diana has spent a year away from being Wonder Woman, and they have relaunched the series at number 1... (the first issue was actually number 4 out of the top 100 comic books sold for that month!!!) The new series is brought to us by Allan Heinberg (who amoung other things was a writer for Sex In the City and this next season will be a writer on Greys Anatomy) and handling the art chores expertly are Terry and Rachel Dodson... i think this is the best Diana has looked in years... i always said with a good writing team and excellent art... Wonder Woman would sell well... We are only on Issue 2 right now... but the secret Identity of Diana Prince has been restored, and so has the excitement of reading each issue from cover to cover... Also in the works is ALL STAR WONDER WOMAN... setting to debut next summer and the first 6 issues are to be written and drawn by Adam Hughes... best known for his Excellent Wonder Woman covers he provided for almost 50 issues... yeah his Diana might have been a bit cheesecake... and she might have been about to fall out of her bustier... but she was absolutely gorgeous... DC needs to remember that after all Diana is more beautiful than Aphrodite!!! Love&Light Constance

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